Garden and Lawn Tractor - Choose Your Tractor

All of us try to make their gardens fascinating and beautiful. If you also have a lawn or garden, you can make your work there a lot easier by using a garden lawn tractor.

In the end of XIX century, the first garden tractor was developed. It was with stream engine. In the beginning of XX century, garden tractor with diesel engine was invented. After that, many farmers adopted them for a lot of garden and lawn tasks such as lifting and moving soil, digging. Actually, it was a biggest improvement in the garden work, it reduced the manual work.

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Garden Tractor Models

Nowadays, you can choose between many different garden tractor models. Here are some of the most popular of them:

Tractor Specifications/ModelMassey Ferguson PrestigeKubota GR2100Toro GT420Craftsman 917.276380Husqvarna YTH1848XP
Engine Horsepower (HP)2321172623
Wheelbase (inches)5350.449.54846.5
Deck (inches)5454485448
Un-cut Circle Diameter (inches)4434415546
Tractor's Weight (lb.)858969852720560
Reverse MowYesYesYesYesYes
Price (USD)$6700$8200$5620$2600$2300

Using the above table you can easily compare some of the most popular garden tractors that you can purchase nowadays by the most important parameters that should be considered before purchasing such as Engine Horsepower (HP), Transmission, Wheelbase, Deck, Un-cut Circle Diameter, Weight, Reverse Mow, and Price.

Using of Garden Lawn Tractor?

If you already have a garden lawn tractor or you intend to buy one, here's a list of purposes that can be done using a garden tractor:

If you have a small garden or lawn then don't need to buy a garden tractor. You can mow it using a small mower and if you need to load, unload, and move something in your garden then you can do these tasks with a garden cart. But if your garden and lawn are larger and you spend a lot of time there working, it worth to buy a garden lawn tractor, because it definitely will make your work there easier and will save you much of your time. You should also carefully choose type of the tractor that you will use. So, our advice is to make a deep research before purchase a garden tractor.

In conclusion, if you intend to buy a garden tractor then it's recommended to spend enough preliminary time in researching and comparing different tractor models offers such as mini tractors and white lawn tractors. Some of the most important parameters that you will have to consider are engine horsepower (hp), transmission, un-cut circle diameter, deck, and wheelbase. The price of some garden tractor models could exceed $8000 USD, so you could check some tractor loans options as well. It's also a good idea to check the price of different parts of the model that you plan to buy as well such as used tractor rims and garden tractor seat.